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Kindleworth Rebrands

Our primary focus has always been on driving the prosperity of our clients’ businesses and while this remains constant, our brand identity and website have undergone significant transformation.

Kindleworth thrives by fostering dynamic alliances with forward-thinking leaders, uniting their efforts to pursue shared objectives and navigate the path to success. This principle has been woven into our DNA for over a decade, ever since the inception of Kindleworth. Having launched over 50 law firms, we now know a thing or two about impactful branding and the crucial role that it plays in the continued growth and success of a firm. Kindleworth’s own identity and marketing initiatives had always remained intentionally understated and passive, but it’s time for change.

This rebrand and new website represents an important milestone for Kindleworth. As we continue to grow and, in turn, support the growth of client’s firms, the breadth of our experience and offering has also dramatically increased. So too has our size – we have cultivated an experienced team of industry experts to support our continued development and to enable clients to focus wholeheartedly on their core mission.

Our new, sleek, and robust logo places a visual emphasis on the distinction between ‘Kindle’ and ‘Worth.’ Delicate strokes suggest a sense of agility and finesse, reflecting the passionate and energetic essence of ‘Kindle’ – the spark. Paired with strong, solid letterforms, it conveys stability and the unwavering qualities of ‘Worth’ – experience, strength, and reliability.

To complement the logo, we’ve designed a dynamic monogram symbolising new beginnings and change. This vibrant emblem, blending fiery red and blue shades, represents the spark of ‘Kindle’ and the resilience of ‘Worth.’ Its forward, angular motion reflects Kindleworth’s forward-thinking nature. The overarching brand imagery plays a pivotal role in our identity; boldly and abstractly evoking dynamism, energy, vibrancy, and ambition.

While our unwavering commitment to enhancing the success of our clients’ businesses remains steadfast, our new identity and website now effectively represents and communicates who we are, what we do and what we stand for as a brand. We couldn’t be prouder to share this with you.

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