Kindleworth provides clients with a bespoke, responsive service which aligns with specific business needs – offering high value support and regular advice across all aspects of your technology environment.

The Numbers


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Working hand-in-hand with you, our wider Kindleworth colleagues and informed by our deep knowledge of and experience with the latest technologies, we design a technology strategy to meet your business objectives. Our integrated service ensures a seamless transition from strategy to execution.


We collate, prioritise, and manage critical IT projects from start to finish. We clarify objectives, determine solutions, write business cases, build infrastructure, contract with and manage third parties, train, test and implement. Progress is clearly communicated, and issues quickly addressed.


We keep you working and minimise downtime. We provide responsive, personable, and professional IT support whether remote or in-person. We are not a faceless technology provider but a legal sector specialist which is fully integrated with your firm and our wider Kindleworth colleagues.


Our unique ability to deliver several support services under one relationship allows Kindleworth to be more integrated than any other provider. We can anticipate change, provide insight across the market, and work seamlessly with other business functions.


Servers & Infrastructure

We leverage Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform, so that we can provide over 200 services across globally distributed data centres. Regardless of whether you need one or one hundred servers, we can host and secure them in the location that suits you and your regulatory needs. Microsoft Azure meets over 100 compliance offerings, including International Organisation for Standardisation (“ISO”) and Security Operations Centre (“SOC”) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”).

Backup & Continuity

We take a holistic approach to backup and continuity, ensuring that each individual component of your platform meets your recovery time and recovery point objectives.

Managed Security

Security is at the core of our proposed design, and we’ve adopted best practise methodologies such as defence in depth, and policy of least privilege to ensure a multi-layered approach. At a minimum, we will provide and enforce the use of Multi-Factor Authentication, Mobile Device Management and Managed Detection and Response (“MDR”). We utilise a specialist third party that operates a 24/7 Security Operations Centre (“SOC”) that continually reviews any potential threats.


Deskside Support

Our support team are based in our central London office and our clients receive high value support from the same team that answer the phone and respond to emails. When our clients need on-site support in other locations, we’ll work with trusted partners to provide an extension of our service, ensuring continuity from start to finish.

Remote Support

Our Kindleworth support team are based in London and will typically respond to phone calls in less than 30 seconds and emails in less than 45 minutes. Priority issues are of course managed more urgently.

24/7 Coverage

Our extended 24/7 team based in the UK, US and New Zealand can provide essential support at any time.



Through our internal capabilities and extensive partnerships in the market, we’re able to design, build and implement new business solutions in market leading timescales. Our insight into other operational areas allows us to pre-empt your needs and ensure that the correct technology is there for when you need it.

Software Implementations

Our clients are unique and so too are their software requirements. We are well versed in the law firm growth journey and what that means for technology investment, allowing us to build a 3-, 4- or 5-year plan highlighting when change is likely to be required. Our team have implemented and continue to support several market leading Document Management and Practice Management systems.

Hardware Refreshes

Our team regularly assist with hardware selection, procurement, and installation. As part of our ongoing support model, we will provide proactive guidance on how best to leverage any existing hardware as well as when to replace it.

Office Moves

The Kindleworth technology and operations teams have completed several fit-out and migration projects covering all aspects of the process, from attending design workshops, to checking progress on construction sites, or working with third parties to implement audio visual solutions. Our team typically work directly with the relevant third parties to order internet lines, install network hardware, migrate any existing equipment and provide intensive support throughout.


We look forward to discussing how we can ignite and accelerate your business, navigating the path to success.